"That which is good to eat is good to make into wine" ...

At the Domaine Boisson, vine-growing is deeply rooted in the family culture, and it is their way of thinking and openness which inform their choice of environmentally-friendly methods that take into consideration the total production cycle. The vineyards are traditionally ploughed. Trials for cover crop management are also in progress. They use methods which protect the vines against disease but also respect the environment.

The extensive manual work of disbudding and leaf thinning is carried out during the summer in order to allow air to circulate around the grapes and enable them to ripen in the best conditions.

The vines are hand-harvested and the grapes are carefully sorted in order to retain only the ripest and healthiest ones. The extent of the sorting has a direct impact on the quality of the wine, and therefore they employ one person in sorting to five pickers. Their approach is to collect the best possible grapes, and then provide the best care in winemaking.

To conclude, it is Mother Nature herself who starts by providing the independent-minded team at the Domaine Boisson with the ripest, most concentrated fruit. Then there is the inspiring environment and their acquired know-how, which transform a gift of nature into the specific wines of the Domaine Boisson - a theatre of pure magic and beauty against a backdrop of family history.