The different types of soil and exposure enable the Domaine Boisson to create a large variety of blends which brings a complexity to their wines. These types of soil consist of:

  • Les Sablières, a covering of clay and sand of varying thicknesses dating from the Miocene period, supported by a subsoil of grey sand.  This results in elegant and well-rounded wines.

  • Les Garrigues  - scrublands with shallow soil of ancient flat terraces of the Quaternary period.  This results in strong wines, which are well-structured and full-bodied.

  • Les Côteaux – beds of stony soil of varying thicknesses, alternating with layers of calcareous clay coloured light yellow, grey and white. The land is mainly south-facing. This results in suave, rich and distinguished wines

Le Vignoble de Cairanne        Le Vignoble de Cairanne       Le Vignoble de Cairanne